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Gerard Lyons

Chief Economic Adviser to Mayor of London, and former Chief Economist Standard Chartered Bank




Gerard Lyons is a leading international economist with a global following and proven track record in forecasting the world economy and financial markets, having spent nearly thirty years working in the City, and travelling to meet politicians, policymakers and investors across the globe. He is now the chief economic advisor to Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.

Prior to this Gerard Lyons was Chief Economist and Group Head of Global Research at Standard Chartered from 1999 until December 2012, as well as Economic Advisor to the Board. He has held other senior roles on Bank committees, including membership of the Bank’s Executive Forum, of the Global Markets Management Team and of the Risk Management Committee.

Over the last quarter century he has been ahead of the game in predicting the major economic trends: the financial crisis, challenges in the euro zone, Japan’s lost decade, low interest rates and the shift in the balance of power to China and other countries that we now take as a given. In 2010 and 2011 Bloomberg ranked him number one global forecaster (out of over 360).

Gerard Lyons has testified to the US Senate, US Congress, UK Parliamentary Committees, spoken at the EU-China Summit in Beijing, and at the IMF and other global meetings. He spoke in June 2013 at the Institute for International Finance annual spring conference in Paris and will speak at the World Economic Forum’s “Summer Davos” in China in September 2013.

He has been a regular on international TV and written press columns across the globe. Faber and Faber will publish his first book in the new year, on the outlook for the world economy.

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