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Jonathan Gabay

Speaker on Marketing and Branding




Jonathan is one of Europe’s leading independent brand marketers. He is on the faculty of the world’s largest marketing training body, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, which also endorses most of his books.

Jonathan has written 13 books (three to be published during 2010). He has advised many of industries’ biggest “brand players” in IT, finance, manufacturing, retail, public sector, charities, education, the media (including TV and the web) as well as service companies, on all aspects of creative marketing. Jonathan regularly comments in the national press as well as on Sky News, ITN, BBC, Channel 4, Bloomberg TV and CNN on news-breaking, brand-related, corporate, celebrity, sports and political stories.


Jonathan Gabay Speaking

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    Branding: Real Insights Behind Today’s Headlines


    Brands are ubiquitous, touching not just businesses but celebrities, politicians and of course, you. But what really makes a powerful, enduring brand?

    How, in these days of unbridled cynicism, can your brand be trusted?

    Is there still space for new brand contenders? And what can be learnt from brands hitting today’s headline news?

    Respected branding expert and commentator Jonathan Gabay provides practical insights into leveraging your brand’s value as well as understanding how current brand-related news stories affect wider brand perceptions.

    The masterclass covers:

    • How to inspire everyone from businesses to customers, to become “brand ambassadors”.


    • Build or rejuvenate your brand;
    • Deliver sustainable and credible brand experiences;
    • Learn insights from today’s brand newsmakers;
    • Exploit brand channels including PR, advertising and Web 2.0;
    • How to develop your brand, communicate your brand message and inspire everyone associated with your business aspirations.