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Miles Hilton-Barber

Overcame blindness to achieve astonishing personal feats




Miles Hilton-Barber has been blind for over 25 years but has set numerous world records which include being the first blind pilot to undertake a 55-day, 21,000 kilometre microlight flight from London to Sydney, man-hauling a sledge over 250 miles across Antarctica, being the first blind pilot to undertake a sortie of extreme aerobatics in a fighter jet, the first blind person to do the solo kamikaze skeleton run down the 5G Olympic bob-sleigh track in Lillehammer, Norway, the first blind person to pilot a power boat in ocean time trials, the first blind aviator to break the sound barrier during a vertical climb to 50,000 feet in just 90 seconds in a fighter jet and the first blind person to participate in a drag-racing event. He relies on his friend and sighted guide, Jonathan Cook, to help him achieve his goals.

Although Miles has been blind since his early twenties, it has not let that stop him from challenging barriers. He has also completed the Marathon des Sables “The Toughest Foot-race on Earth” – 150 miles across the Sahara Desert, climbed the Himalayas, Mt Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain and Mt. Blanc – Europe’s highest mountain, ran the 11-day Ultra-Marathon race across China from the Gobi Desert to the Great Wall, completed the Siberian Ice Marathon “Coldest Marathon on Earth” and competing in the hottest ultra-marathon on earth across Death Valley California.

He has been voted as BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Alternative Sports personality of the Year’, featured in the latest edition of Debrett’s ‘People of Today’, and presented with an Honorary ‘Master of the University’ award by Derby University, in recognition of his remarkable achievements in endurance events and his major contribution to charity.

He is an exceptional storyteller and motivational speaker and weaves together rich anecdotes and humour with powerful life-lessons he has learnt whilst overcoming his blindness. He reminds his audiences that “attitude is what determines altitude” and that we too can live our dreams, because “the only limits in our lives are those we accept ourselves”.

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