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Parag Khanna

Leading geo-strategic expert and best-selling author



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Parag Khanna is the next generation’s leading global thinker, combining boots-on-the-ground reportage with big-picture geopolitical gravitas and cutting-edge insight into future technologies. His non-stop global travels make him the essential guide to our complex future.

Hailed by the New York Times as a “geopolitical whiz kid” for his international bestseller The Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order (2008), Khanna published the critically acclaimed second installment of his trilogy How to Run the World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance in 2011.

His latest book Connectography completes Khanna’s revolutionary trilogy on the future of world order that began with his international bestseller The Second World: How Emerging Powers are Redefining Global Competition in the 21st Century and continued through his acclaimed sequel How to Run the World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance. Packed with firsthand accounts from Khanna’s far-flung journeys, this global tour takes us from the Arctic to South Africa and from Dubai to Manila to capture how high-speed railways, energy grids and the Internet are weaving physical worldwide webs that are transforming humanity into a global network civilization—one governed by cities, not states, and supply chains, not armies.

In 2015 Khanna was made a CNN Global Contributor, expanding on his many dispatches from Iran, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many other pivotal societies. Plans are underway to build a TV show around Parag Khanna’s travels with the theme of connectivity.

He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Georgetown and a PhD from the London School of Economics. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center on Asia and Globalization at the Lee Kuan Yew School at the National University of Singapore. Previously he was a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation and the Global Governance Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Khanna has traveled to most of the countries in the world. Connectography adds to the many destinations Khanna’s books have taken readers, including pop-up cities in the Arctic Circle, the desert castles of Dubai, East Africa’s and Mongolia’s new Chinese-built railways, the strategic island of Sri Lanka, North Korea’s capital Pyongyang, the slums of Johannesburg and Mumbai, the pulsing heart of Tehran, the Russian-conquered Crimean peninsula and many other significant places.

Khanna has worked with the World Economic Forum, National Intelligence Council and other prominent organizations to develop hundreds of scenarios of our complex future. Governments he has advised include those of the US, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Finland, the UAE, Australia and many others.

Khanna is frequently the lead keynote speaker at major international corporate conferences across sectors such as finance, technology, industry, consumer goods, professional services and many other areas, as well as academic, governmental and civil society events around the world.

In February 2016, Parag will be a lead speaker kicking off the largest TED conference ever in Vancouver, delivering a 3D visual feast of holographic projections based on the dozens of stunning customised maps and graphics featured in Connectography. Connectography is already receiving high praise, Publishers Weekly commented: “Khanna’s inexhaustible expertise about the global economy is impressive… This is a prescient guide to the geopolitics of today and tomorrow”.

To watch a video of Parag speaking please click here.

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